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(Co-Director, Producer, Art Director, Editor)

What is home? Is it a physical place or is it a place we carry with us anywhere we land? The wisdom of three astounding migrating women guide us to arrive at universal truths.


Run time: 00:04:45

This film was made entirely in 10 days as part of the Kinomada short film project series in November 2018.

Migration made it’s world premiere at Southern Screen Film Festival in Lafayette, Louisiana in 2018.


Upcoming screenings:

Acadian Cultural Center / Jean Lafitte National Historical Park + Preserve - Lafayette, LA - Wednesday, September 25 @ 6:30pm, 7:00pm, 7:30pm

New Orleans FIlm Festival - New Orleans, LA - Saturday, October 19 @ 1:15pm + Monday, October 21 @ 4:45pm at the Contemporary Arts Center

World of Women Film Festival in Tunisia, Morocco, and Jordan in spring of 2020

Boma Bango live at Staffland Studio in Lafayette, LA (2019) ::: directed and edited by Olivia Perillo, second camera by Carly Viator